Tales of Erynshar

The Beginning....
"The Fairly Odd couple become the really odd trio....


While traveling through the Bracken wood on your way east to collect Orc ears for a bounty in RiverGuard, Simstra and Karwin have are 6 days out when and setting up camp for the night, as Simstra is cooking over a fire, she is gripped by the flames, her attention fully riveted on the hypnotic dance of the flames… As she is staring into the flames a blue glowing face of a young elven girl appears and says, “Simstra, in six days time you and your companion must be in the Ruins of TolComa to the east. It is in BOTH of your best interest. Find my lost child their and save them from the Great Enemy. This is OUR will… Fail US not..”

John has been haunting the Ruins below the Monastery of Keirajim for years now. He knows in the catacombs below this temple to the God of Knowledge is a scroll containing an ancient arcane ritual for overcoming the worst enemy of a Vampire….

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