Erynshar is a world in turmoil. Centuries ago hells Devils won their war on the
Blood Plains against the Demons of the abyss. Asmodeus pulled the prison realm of Carceri out of the abyss and and bound it into a pocket dimension of its own. Using a modified banishment ritual powered by the souls of a thousand thousand sacrifices made by his followers he was able to clear the Blood Plains of all the demonic hosts, and trap them in Carceri. He then sealed the plane and hid it deep in the astral sea. The abyss is now largely empty. Only the few but very powerful who were not on the battlefield that day remain in thier domains.

With the abyssal war over. Asmodues and Hells other fiends were free to turn their eyes fully on the prime material plane. And slowly through the years it has become more and more corrupted. A place of devilish contracts and rampaging undead. The forces of light are standing firm in their kingdoms. But even these beacons of light in this world hold dangers and corruption at every turn.

Now several decades ago, on the Plains of Rythan. The Demon Runner tribe of plainsmen, who worshipped various demons was contacted by Orcus. He promised the chief great power in exchange for the sacrifice of 1,000 humans during the Blood Moon 3 days hence. Not able to round up that many with raids in the nearby towns the chief declared that any tribes man with more then one son would give up the youngest children to the sacrifice.
h2. Wanting this stopped, the chiefs brother gathered 13 powerful shaman and many warriors who had to give up their children and attacked the ritual, as the shamans wrested back in forth for the souls that were rapidly being released as sacrifice a tragedy happened… The shamans lost control of the power and souls creating a vortex that ripped the souls out of the thousands of tribemen gathered around the Stone Henge…Orcus felt the influx of power and souls this caused and instead of using the power for what he had intended he hurled the souls into the pits of hell near the astral sea and shattered the Seal on Carceri, freeing untold numbers of demons who followed the path of the soul vortex and raided the Prime Material Plane…
h2. Asmodeus acted quickly.. he bound the plane of Carceri once again… but this time condensed it into the form of a greatsword.. Grabbing the chiefs last remaining blood relative he gave them the sword and cursed them… That family is never able to rest until all the demons freed are returned to the prison.. their spirits are forever trapped guarding the Henge where the soul vortex happened until their descendants return with the sword to put things right….

Tales of Erynshar

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